About Me


About Me

I, Sabina, was born in Toronto, Canada. I have two sisters and a brother. We lived a very nice life growing up in the suburbs. We lived on a court and everyday all the kids that lived on the street would come out to play. We would play, all kinds of sports, hide and go seek, tag, pretend we were the Partridge Family (show from the 1970’s). We would stay outside until it was dark. What fun times growing up. I made some great friends.
After high school not sure of what I wanted to do, I went to school for hospitality and tourism management, and ended up working for some major hotels in their restaurants from waitress, to hostess, to omelette chef. Things changed in the hotel/restaurant industry and a friend of mine suggested I come work at a company that was new and growing in the financial industry.
I started working at this mutual fund company. I began in their trust accounting department and worked my way up to supervising a dealer services team. While I was there, I got married to one of my co-workers, had two beautiful children and thought life was great. We travelled, had a nice house and then I got pregnant with my third child and she was born months premature and lived for an hour, ending life with a smile and then a yawn. That was heartbreaking and my kids, who were small, to this day will tell people that they have a sister. I left my job to spend time with the kids as they were 5 and 3 years of age. I loved this time with them, what great memories we made. I started to have problems in my marriage and was forced into therapy. I didn’t know how to end my marriage as I didn’t have a voice. When I saw my kids being affected and losing their sense of confidence I decided that I had to leave my marriage for their sake. While doing therapy, I realized I had low self-esteem and did not have a voice.

Work Life Balance

My kids and I moved into a nice house. It wasn’t easy bringing up two young kids, managing a home, being the hockey and soccer mom, volunteering at their school, paying bills but all of those things are what made me grow as a woman and I began to have a voice and my self-esteem was growing which was so liberating
I began working for a large grocery store in the bakery department (I had a passion for baking). I became the manager and it was there that I learned how to deal with many different personalities and through guidance and team work we became one of the best bakery departments to work for. Everyone loved coming to work.
Through the management of this amazing team, I became their mentor and “go to” person for everything, not just work. I loved being the one that would guide or encourage them in life. My father had just passed away and we had to put my Mom in a home as she had severe dementia, sell their home and close the business. This was difficult and I knew it was time for a change. I wanted to help others who were longing for clarity and transformation so I went back to school to study coaching, I became a certified life and health coach. I am also nutritious certified, and a psychological fitness specialist, which shows one how to take charge of their mind and live from a higher level of inner wellbeing and mindfulness.
This journey has been exactly what I am meant to do. I love coaching my clients. It is so rewarding seeing them much healthier, happier and more fulfilled, living their best lives!
I have such a passion for health and wellness that I want to share it with everyone.

I love the saying by Native, “Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live”

My purpose – I want to inspire, empower and motivate people to achieve their best self

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